About Cynthia Joyce Clay

Theater and writing, that’s what I’m about.

Here’s my bio:

Cynthia Joyce Clay is a member of the Dramatists’ Guild. Her full length plays “A Kiss for Cupid,” “Flesh and Blooders,” and two of her one-acts “Music of Broken Water” and “The Romance of Belisa and Don Perloba in the Moonlist Garden” were produced at Storycrafter Studio on Miami Beach in 2013 and 2014. Her plays have been produced in MA, Santa Fe, NM, as well as Miami, FL. Clay holds a BA in theater (Latin honors) from Brandeis University, an MFA in acting from the University of Georgia, and attended the National Theater Institute at the O’Neil Center. She is the author of Vector Theory and the Plot Structures of Literature and Drama as well as novels, plays, a short story collection, and co-contributing editor to an award winning anthology of poetry. She was invited to Russia to deliver her paper, “The Application of Vector Theory to Literature and Drama” at the international conference “Languages of Science, Languages of Art” and was chased by the KGB.


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