A Tale of Africa Casting Call

July 6, 2018 at 8:52 pm (Theater)

Casting for A Tale of Africa is coming along nicely. We still need actors, specifically a young black actress.  Here is the cast of charaters and the first two pages of the script. The actors will be playing multiple roles.

OLAEDO: West African woman, late teens, aging to late thirties

MUNACHI: West African woman, late teens to twenties

KAMBILI West African woman, mid to late thirties

DOTTIE Woman of African descent, late teens to early twenties, daughter of OLAEDO

Doubling Note: The actor playing the role of OLAEDO can also play KAMBILI. The actor playing MUNACHI can also play DOTTIE.

CHINEDU West African man, thirties to forties, husband of OLAEDO

OLAUDAH West African man, late thirties to forties, husband of KAMBILI and brother of CHINEDU

NWOMA West African man, late teens aging to late thirties, son of KAMBILI and OLAUDAH

CAPTIVE West African adult man

GUARD West African adult man

JAILOR Adult man of African descent

PETE Adult man of African descent

Doubling Note: The actor playing the role of CHINEDU can also play NWOMA and CAPTIVE. The actor playing OLAUDAH can also play GUARD, JAILOR and PETE.

[Below are the first two pages of the script.]


Scene 1

AT RISE: CHINEDU, an Ibo man, and OLAEDO, his wife, in a house in a West African village. There is a door to the outside.


(Looks off.)

The cooking fire has gone out.


And her daughter — our granddaughter — spoke to me.


(Starts to exit.)

I have to go get a burning stick.


Can you not listen to me?

(He takes a sip from a bowl and will continue sipping from time to time throughout the scene.)


You drink too much palm wine. I’m listening.


Our granddaughter said, “I will protect you. You will not be captured.” A Tale of Africa 5



The unborn — there are so many stories, the dances . . . .


You don’t believe me? The unborn are always with us. I can feel them.


So, your granddaughter, what else did she say?


Just what I told you. Just repeating, singing, she was only there a few moments. But the point is that — and you know this — if our daughter is killed. If she dies on the ship—


Stop! I can’t bear to hear this. It’s bad enough she was captured. Don’t rub salt in the wound.


If she is worked to death, has a bad death, she cannot be reborn.


You don’t know she will die. Or how. So please be quiet.


You know I got the letter from my teacher.


I don’t want to hear about another who was stolen.


We have to talk about this, there is not much time.

(Takes the letter from his garment, reading:)

Inshallah . . .




(Intercepts her, turns her to face him:)



You know I don’t understand Arabic. Tell me in plain Ibo. A Tale of Africa 6



He tells about the barracoon.


The barra what?


Barracoon. It’s from the Portuguese. The place where the captives are chained before they can be taken to the port. There they are taught how they must sit, and how they must lie when they are on the ship. He was sold to the slavers for many cowries because he was handsome. Then he talks about the ship, the flogging. They even whip the pale sailors, one so badly that he died. Many captives died. The hold is so rank that they bring the captives up to the deck so they can get air. Some try to jump overboard. Others are just so very sad. So they the whip them.


I’m sure that cheers them up.


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Casting Call for Three Shows

June 12, 2018 at 9:53 pm (Theater)

Performances are paid $30/performance.
>> For more information email cynthia@storycrafterstudio.org. Or call
>> 786-615-4436 Wed-Saturdays 3pm – 7pm.


Attend one of our free Improv Acting classes, which are held every Wed. night
7:30-9:30. Tell Cynthia what plays you are auditioning for. Bring a list of any work and other commitments you have during the rehearsal period and the performances. The list must include All of your other commitments, including vacations.
>> El Fabricante de Fortunas by Cynthia Clay, translated by Guillermo Ramon

Bilingual (Spanish-English) Actors (The director only speaks English.
The lines will always be done in Spanish.)
 3 women (all beautiful, various ages)
 1 man (20’s-40. There are 4 male roles played by 1 man)
Actors must be off book by the second week of rehearsals.
Rehearsals: details to be worked out considering actors’ schedules. Performances TBA

>> A Tale of Africa by Tyler Powell
 This play is about Africans resisting the slave trade, so Black Actors Only.
 2 women (ages: 1 woman 20’s; 1 woman 35+)
 2 men (ages: 1 man 20’s; 1 man 35+)
 Rehearsals: Aug. 4-Sept. 8); specific details to be worked out considering actors’ schedules. Tentative Performance Dates: Sept. 6-9; 13-16

>> Hamlet
Black Actors Particularly Welcome.

Male roles: Claudius (doubling as the Ghost), Laertes, Orpheus (doubling with Fortinbras), Marcellus (doubling with other roles such as one of the dumb players)

Female roles: Hamlet, Gertrude, Polonia, Horatia, Rosencrantz and Gildenstein (doubling with other roles such as the dumb players, Bernanda and Fransica)

Production Concept: The Bardic Tradition, from which the laws pertaining to the English Renaissance theater drew, had laws that lend themselves to a female Hamlet. First, to be a king, a man must marry the queen; thus Claudius must marry Gertrude to rule. Second, if a king has no heirs, then his sister’s eldest son is his heir. Therefore, if Polonia is Claudius’s sister, then Laertes is Claudius’s heir. A woman can be monarch if she can fight; otherwise her spouse rules. Laertes, as Claudius’s heir would expect to marry Hamlet. However, Hamlet can fight. She duels with Laertes and wins.

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Our April and May Events

March 9, 2018 at 11:48 pm (Theater)

8:15pm April 6, Intellectual Discussion Meetup–Topic: “The Importance of Fiction and Plays” given by director, actor, and award winning author Cynthia Clay $10

8:15pm April13,  Intellectual Discussion Meetup–Topic: “IQ and Increasing Intelligence” given by developmental expert Guillermo Ramon $10

7:30pm Monday, April 23, Play Reading of We Will Not Describe the Conversation by Euginie Carabatsos $10

9pm Saturday,  April 28, Improv Night at Storycrafter Studio $10

8:15pm Friday, May 4, Intellectual Discussion Meetup–Topic: “Aesthetics” give by Guillermo Ramon $10

7:30pm Monday, May 7, Play reading of The Arsonists by Jacqueline Goldfinger (pending permission of the playwright) $10

8:15pm, Fri. May 18, Intellectual Discussion Meetup–Topic: “The Brilliance of Bollywood: Why I Love Indian Films” given by Cynthia Clay $10

7:30 Monday, May 21, Play reading of Flesh and Blooders by Cynthia Clay $10

9pm Saturday, May 26, Improv Night $10

*Also, we hold Improv classes every Wednesday 7:30pm to 9:30. $10 requested donation



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Theater – Art – Book Boutique

February 28, 2018 at 7:51 pm (Talks, Theater) (, , )

GuillermoRamonStorycrafter Studio has moved to 885 NE 125 St., North Miami, FL 33161. We are a non-profit theater, art, and book boutique. We hold meetups: Improv Meetup on Wednesday nights at 7:30-9:30 ($10 donation requested); Intellectual Discussion Night (tickets $10) once a fortnight at 8:15. The Improv Meetup also includes a once a month Improv Night show. We had our first show Feb. 24, and the audience laughed their heads off.

Friday, March 2nd is our first Intellectual Discussion meetup, and the first topic is Dynamic Systems and Psychology. Developmental expert Guillermo Ramon is brilliant at making complex concepts easily understood. Buy your ticket in advance through Paypal at storycrafterstudio.org or pay cash at the door.

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We Are Moving!

November 27, 2017 at 6:25 pm (Theater)

We have just signed a lease to move to 885 NE 125 St., North Miami. This is just up the street from the famous Luna Star Café, across the street from North Miami’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), and nestled beside a high end designer furniture shop. We will be expanding our book section as well as offering Improv Theater classes.

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A New Comedy at Storycrafter Studio With Our Hearts to Puerto Rico

October 12, 2017 at 9:10 pm (Theater)

Neither Plain or Simple, Ni Tan Simple Ni Tan Facil, written and directed by Mao Jaramillo cancelled because one of Mao’s pieces was selected by Micro Theatre Miami as one of their Year’s Best. Break a leg to Mao and his cast.

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Free Play Reading: A Tale of Africa

June 11, 2017 at 9:30 pm (Theater)


Performed by Carolyn Johnson, Carey Brianna Hart, Isaac Beverly, Rachel Chin, and Andrea Terrasa.

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Call for Black Actors: A Tale of Africa

May 30, 2017 at 6:44 pm (Theater)

Storycrafter Studio is taking part in the South Florida Theatre League’s Summer Playreading Festival. We will be reading A Tale of Africa by Tylor Powel June 12 at 8pm. We need black actors to take part in the reading. Please email cynthia@storycrafterstudio.org.

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Storycrafter Studio Perks for Donors

March 25, 2017 at 5:59 pm (Theater)

BookPerkPrintPerksbestUntil the end of April, we at Storycrafter Studio are doing an Indiegogo campaign. We have great perks for donors. Not just theater tickets, but also books and original prints by Storycrafter Studio actors are available. The first priority for any donations we receive will be for paying actors. We’ve posted video and pictures at our Indiegogo campaign site, so have some fun browsing. You will also want to visit our site because we have posted films of shows we have done.


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Help Translating Needed

February 13, 2017 at 12:02 am (Theater)

In appreciation of South Florida’s Latin immigrants, Storycrafter Studio plans a Spanish language production of the comedy The Wish Maker. Please help Guillermo Ramon translate this play. Contact him at gramon55@comcast.net or contact cynthia@storycrafterstudio.com. Thank you so much!

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