Auditions for Storycrafter Studio

April 3, 2016 at 10:35 pm (Theater)

Storycrafter Studio, 12987 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami
Casting Call
Non-Equity, paid performances
Wed. April 13th, Thurs April 14th by appointment:
For the following:
Ft Lauderdale Fringe Festival Show: “When I Was Alive” by Guillermo Ramon 25 minute run time. Comic, ghost story. May 6th noon-10pm May 7th 11am-10pm. Our time slots have not yet be assigned so each actor must have the entirety of those times available. Payment: percentage of the door Rehearsals: Sundays 2pm-4pm; M-Thurs 7:30-930
Pizza Party performance at Storycrafter Studio May 14. Party begins 7:30 performance probably 8pm. If you have a monologue or ten minute play that you do with your other colleagues you are welcome to do them for the party. You will be paid for “When I Was Alive” but not your own piece. Admission is $20, except for performers who get in free and get free pizza and beer (limits on beer for obvious reasons).
1 actresses 1 actor needed

The Wish Maker by Cynthia Joyce Clay (DG member) Full-length comedy
Rehearsals: Begin May 9, M-Thurs 7:30-9:30 Weekend rehearsals called near opening if needed.
Performances: June 9-July 3, 16 performances Thurs.-Sun 8pm Sun at 3pm
1 actresses 1 actor needed

Hamlet, or as we’ll be calling it, Hamlette link to Cynthia’s Blog for details on the productions concept.
Reheasals: July 18 M-Thurs 7:30-9:30 Weekend rehearsals called near opening if needed.
Performances: Sept 1-25 Thurs-Sun, TFS 8PM, Sun 3pm
Looking for:
Actors: Claudius
Orpheus/Fortinbras (possible actor already, waiting for his reply)
Ghost/Player/Grave Digger
Actresses: Gertrude



  1. Kayla said,

    Hi Cynthia! I I’ve sent a couple of emails to request an audition, but haven’t heard back.

    • Cynthia Clay said,

      Been out of town. I hope you got the email I sent you this evening. Tomorrow at 2:30 is good. Hope to see you then!

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